WebOS Games Manager for Maemo

What is this?

WebOS Games Manager is an application which allows to install/uninstall Palm Pre games to Maemo and play it on Nokia N900 using preenv Palm Pre emulator
Note, you must buy original game files first and download .ipk file to your phone. Then install it using this manager in a single click.

This program guarantee that if you has proper .ipk file and game is supported, it will be installed with all needed hacks to run properly. It also supports game's save beckup/restore functions.


Supported games

The list of supported games will grow up, as soon as community members will provide information about propely working games. Adding a new game to this manager is simple - just create .ini file with basic description and select image. See /usr/share/wgames/gamesinfo folder for examples.


Garage-project page: http://maemo.org/packages/view/wgames/

Author: Ivan Daniluk

IRC: divan on #maemo Freenode channel